"affluenza ,a-floo'en-zu:An extreme form of materialism resulting from the excessive desire for material goods"

Victoria is a 23 Year Old Freelance Stylist working in and around the London area. A Fashion Graduate and former Trends Director, who Blogs at Afluenza in her spare time and goes by the brand name VeeVeeVogue. Afluenza details her personal style "Comfortable and effortless with an edge" alongside the moments that inspire trends as we go about our daily lives. These can include anything from travel, music, cuisine, weather.. its style through the eyes of a relatable, Fashion conscious girl, who likes to take risks and express herself through outfits.

Afluenza Launched early 2009 as an outlet to reach out to other Fashion fanatics. But unfortunately took a back-seat to Victoria's University studies until the Summer of 2011 when it was re-born with a new aesthetic and rightful place within the blogging community. Since this point Afluenza is continuing to grow and gain a loyal and supportive following.

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