Wednesday, 29 February 2012

*It was my blogs' birthday on Saturday 25th, however the night before my phone was stolen!! So I had a lot to sort out the next day and its been a whole lot of stress ever since (great birthday gift aye?!) But thats no excuse not to celebrate, so here goes...

happy 3rd birthday afluenza
afluenzas 3rd blog birthday


I can't believe its been three years since I started Afluenza, time has flown by and a lot has happened and changed in my life but I'm glad this blog has continued to grow. I haven't always been consistant with posts and hadn't fully fallen in love with it until around August last year but since then I've not looked back and am enjoying the journey this blog is taking and glad you are all here to come along for the journey!
Whether you've been here since the few followers I had those three years ago, or today with over 400 subbies to share my love of fashion with.. I can't thank you all enough for your support and the little spurs of encouragement in comments or handy tips/links you share with me. I love you all and here's to many more years of celebrating fashion!



Friday, 24 February 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim eat your heart out!

If like me you fell in love with the 3.1 Phillip Lim s/s12 collection when it hit the runway, and was wondering how you was going to piece together some ice-cream shades to somehow resemble the dreamy outfits?! Well you're in luck! H&M have delievered almost exact replicas so you can get the Phillip Lim look for a highstreet price!

phillip lim dupes3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer'12 collection
highstreet phillip lim ss12
TOP:h&m Trend. TROUSERS:h&m Trend. BLAZER:Vintage. SHOES:Primark.

I literally ran to the rail when I spotted these colours in H&M, and my eyes hadn't deceived me.. they really were Phillip Lim dupes! Now I'm not usually one to be interested in head-to-toe catwalk looks but this was my favourite collection from s/s12(that and Ashish) and I had to get my hands on some affordable alternatives, plus these items will look just as gorgeous worn seperately for spring. H&M Trend are doing so well atm that I have to hold myself back in fear of buyng every item in store. Next on my list is the mint short suit.

Sorry for the moody face! I quickly put this outfit together because I couldn't wait to show you the likeness, but now I'm considering wearing it tonight instead of the dress I had planned.. I'll tweet a photo of what I end up wearing tonight anyway so follow me @veeveevogue if you don't already.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Clean lines, mixed metals and fluro accents

minimal 2
TOP:Topshop. TROUSERS:h&m. CHOKER:h&m. HAIR-CUFF:h&m. BROGUES:Forever21. BAG:dkny.

minimal red lip
minimal hair detail
minimal 1
minimal detail neon clutch

Seems the skies must have read yesterdays post because todays weather was gorgeous for February! Hopefully it stays like this for the next few days so I can get the legs out for a party tomorrow night and perhaps post another OOTN because you dont see many of those on blogs.
Today I was just running a few errands so stuck to flats and simple pieces which allowed me to play more with accessories, this is great for times when you dont want to be too over-dressedor cant be bothered but still want to look stylish. I've had this dkny bag since back in my 'chav school days' (worn as a messenger) which I used to pair with poker straight hair and a pout.. not too much has changed then!
It caught my eye from the back of the wardrobe and what do you know it really is worth keeping things for when they slot back into trends! Saves me a purchase because neon is one of those fads that comes in as fast as it goes out.

The moonman brogues are also a fad I bought on a whim in the sale last season for £3, I think I had seen some similar on my icon Jules and considered for the sake of three quid they were worth the risk even if never actually braved to wear. They are a love/hate shoe for many and my friends do ask 'when I'm returning to space?', but I like a statement accessory.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Summer WishList

seeing summer

Created with Polyvore. Details below.

Thanks to today's rubbish rainy weather I didnt even attempt to leave the house, so no outfit post today as I've been confined to my leggings and sweatshirt! This drab weather though has got me dreaming of hotter temperatures and items I'm lusting over for this summer. With all the black I've been wearing lately I cannot wait to step out in some brights!
I especially have my eye on the River Island satchel, I'm not usually a fan of their bags (bit too bling for my style) however this neutral colour with the neon details is exactly what I've had in mind to accompany my summer outfits. I already have a Romwe jumper similar to the Topshop one above and also some pink highwaisted shorts that I am now considering shredding. The shirt to layer underneath is by Weekday and the sunglasses are from Asos which will shortly be making their way into my basket thanks to the 20% off atm. The only thing that will be missing are those gorgeous statement sandals, at £300+ they are ever so slightly out of ones price range, however I have spotted some similar on Aldo and Asos.

It's Afluenzas' 3rd birthday this saturday!! (They grow up so fast..) Want to thank you all for coming along for the journey and stay tuned for a fun post on Saturday!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lemon Sorbet.

I have finally found the perfect lemon piece to add to my collection of pastels for spring/summer, and for a bargain price at New Look!

lemon pastel
lemon pleated skirt
JACKET:Topshop. THERMAL-TOP:TkMaxx. SKIRT:NewLook. BELT:Primark. RING:h&m. HEELS:Topshop.

lemon sherbet skirt

Oh look, an all black ensemble again with a pop of pastel.. see I told you I was loving this way of incorporating springs trends into my current winter wardrobe! I also can't keep my new Topshop shoes off my feet, they are just the perfect transition shoe from winter to summer.. they're a wedge but still a heel, a peep-toe but still cover a lot of the foot/ankle, and the best part they're super comfortable and easy to walk in whilst still giving me that much needed height. Money well spent!

Because I had the legs out I made sure I kept super warm up top by wearing a thermal long sleeve top. These have been my NBF this winter to layer under everything so that I dont have to compromise on style when the frost bites.


Monday, 20 February 2012

Pastel Purple.

Pairing Pastels with all black is a great way to gradually introduce Spring/Summer12s' colours into your winter wardrobe.

pastel purple
pastel purple 5
pastel purple2
JACKET:Topshop. JUMPER:Primark. SKIRT:h&m. HEELS:Topshop. BAG:Vintage.

pastel purple 7
pastel purple details

Sorbet, Sherbet, Candy, Ice-cream.. whatever you're choosing to call it, its all anyone can talk about for this Spring/Summer! I have been slowlyrapidly gathering a collection of shades ready for when the sun brings back some warm weather to the UK. However, I can't resist trying to work them into my winter wardrobe.
I actually already had this Lavender Jumper from last years sway towards Pastels, hopefully I'll get a lot more wear out of it this time around, who knew aye.. Primark an investment purchase?!
Right now I'm pairing one shade at a time with darker neutrals to keep things winter but soon enough I'll be looking to wear head to toe candy colours.

We're all well over a/w11 trends, and that'll soon be the case for this s/s aswell if the new a/w12 catwalks have anything to do with it! Are you keeping up? Just about right.. Already I'm seeing Orange as the colour of choice and print on print outfits. So get the most out of your pastels whilst you still can because before you know it they'll be "So last year".


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Diary Day #1

19 feb

I know a lot of bloggers do these Sunday catch ups and I've always thought about starting up a diary day to reflect on whats happened in the week, if anything more for myself than for people to reador bore of but I figured this way it'll remind me to write it and also add another post for the week which is never a bad thing. I've always been terrible at keeping diaries, always starting them and two weeks down the line (if that) I become lazy and neglect it until I have lots of wasted 'fresh start diaries' gathering dust in the cupboard! I like the idea of being able to look back and see what I've accomplished or even to remember the small things that happen that if not wrote down would become blurs in my memory.
So, here's to a 'fresh' diary hopefully, glad I can share these times with you guys.

Whats New:
As you can see from the photo theres a few things that are new with me.
- I got fresh Ink! I've been contemplating and lusting after this tattoo since I got my first just under a year ago now, its says 'Once upon a time' and to me it symbolizes a lot of things.. We each have a story of our own, that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (close to my heart as I try to live by this after being judged myself), and the more cringy line of 'every once upon a time has a happily ever after..' yes.
- I am four-eyes. I evidently spend far too much time staring at my laptop that I now have to wear reading glasses, I put off the test because glasses seriously do not suit me (even if I wish they did geek chic) However, if you start blacking out after long nights of blog stalking its time to bite the bullet and head to specsavers!
- Lastly, I got my nails did. well, I 'did' them myself after hearing Mary from Anothergirlslife rave about these Matte Black falsies from boots. A life saver considering I dont have the patience to grow my own.

Anyway hunaaaays I'm off to watch TOWIE now (its the only way)

PS: Could you 9 GFC subbies that are below the original GFC sub box please follow that one along with the majority, not sure why I have two but going to delete the second box sometime this week but thought I should let you's know so you dont think I've disappeared.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Sports Luxe.

With the Olympics only around the corner its no wonder Sportswear has become one of the big trends for this s/s12. And Since being spotted on the catwalks of Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone, Sports Luxe has begun to funnel down to our highstreet.

sports luxe 3
TOP:Romwe. JEANS:h&m. ANKLE BOOTS:h&m. BIKER JACKET:Oasis. CUFF:h&m. HAT:Topman.

sports luxe 2
sports luxe 4

Sports Luxe is growing on me more and more, we saw a nod towards it last year but it was never fully explored however this year the highstreet has taken on the trend with strength! And whats not to like? There's not much to complain about when it becomes acceptable to leave the house in your loungewear! If you're a true supporter there are plenty of neoprene and sheer panel options for you but if you would pefer to stay on the safe side opt for panelled leggings or as I have done above, a luxe jersey. This one I ordered from Romwe, and as much as I love the idea of Pleather sleeves against a grey tee, the quality of this is not the best so I wouldn't recommend it for 'Luxe'. I do believe this trend is best done by investing in some good quality materials, as the cut and details are kept minimal the fabric is the selling point.
And don't forget your heels.. be them wedged trainers or some contrasting ankle boots, height is the best way to dress up these casual pieces!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Baroque Print

I've styled Motels blue Baroque print Jordan jeans, kindly gifted to me, with a base colour of black to allow the print to really pop!

motel baroque jeans
motel details 2
motel 2
JUMPER:Topshop. JEANS:Motel* HEELS:Topshop. BAG:Chloe. NECKLACE:Forever21. BRACELETS:Forever21.

motel 3

Versace inspired prints have been all over the highstreet recently since the collection launched. And to be honest at first I wasn't a fan, however the vibrancy of Motels blue Baroque print jeans really caught my eye and I wanted to see how I could style them because I don't have many outrageous items in my wardrobe. Once the jeans arrived I was so pleased with the quality, a lot of the inspired prints on the highstreet are usually just that, inspired but cheaply made however I was pleasantly surprised with the Motel jeans. The material is thick and the waistband is sturdy which I like because its the small details with me.

At first glance, I think everyone would find these jeans hard to style whether you're 'into' fashion or not and it was a challenge for me at first so I had in mind to pair them with safe colours like black and allow the print to do all the talking.
Since wearing them though, I think I'm brave enough to clash a printed shirt with them or style a bright block colour knit up top.. so you may be seeing a lot more of these jeans in the near future



Saturday, 11 February 2012


towib outfit

created with polyvore

Thinking of wearing this sort of combo to Towib.. I have most of these items and then the rest I'll just have to work with what I can find similar in my wardrobe.
I'm looking forward to the event, meeting some blogger faces and gaining useful tips from the panel of guest speakers. Follow me on Twitter @veeveevogue as I'll most probably be tweeting the content if you're interested.



Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pink Panther | Colour-match & Ankle cuffs OOTD

in the pink 3
JUMPER:asos. SHIRT:h&m. TROUSER:asos. BAG:primark. SHOES:primark. AnkleBands:ebay.

in the pink details
in the pink shoes
in the pink 8

A little while ago I said how I wasn't a huge fan of pink.. and here I am head-to-toe in it(ish). But as you know I've previously said how I'm lovin colour-match outfits and these pink tones really stood out to me during my spree on the Asos sale, so much so that I'd already planned out the outfit in my head before I'd even hit the checkout!
I also love the combo of different textures between the hairy jumper and twill tapered trouser.

Another trend I'm giving a go is the 'ankleband/cuff', I'd seen being sported all over tumblr and have been hunting down something similar ever since. I (as you know) love a bit of Ebay and scored this pair above for £1.99! I'm a sucker for a bit of unusual jewellery placement from second knuckle rings to bodychains and double-watches. Now I think I'm ready to brave the full ankle cuff!



Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Zara Shoe Porn

zara shoe porn

Oooooh.m.g I just had a shoegasm over on the Zara website! I want all of the above.. you can tell I'm having a bit of an ankle strap moment. But think I'm going to have to graciously settle for the top right pair (also the cheapest) but very 3.1 Phillip Lim. I've lusted after a pair similar to the bottom left for so long now and these are total dupes! If the top left had been in black I would probably have nabbed those too but I'm afraid my debit card might leave me!

I unfortunately didn't manage to get to the Asos '48hour 25% off for students launch' early enough and by 11am all the American Apparel Disco Pants size XS had already sold!.. Those serious shoppers must have been counting the seconds til 9am.. lucky ladies! damn you