Tuesday, 31 January 2012


painted shift 30 jan 2012
TUNIC:h&mTrend. JEANS:h&m. CHOKER:h&mTrend. VEST:Topshop.

painted shift face

Notice I look a little chilly in the snaps above, which is why I ended up putting a few more layers on before I left the house for the Zomgbloggersbash Event last night. It was my first event so I was so unsure of what to wear but thought smart/casual was a nice inbetween and saved me showing up like Belle of the Ball. I met Megan from lipssofacto or MeganIsobel by her Youtube name and shes just as lovely as she comes across in her videos. It was weird at first seeing her with legs and not behind a rectangular screen! And the same goes for all the other lovely bloggers/vloggers I meet on the night. I definitely had a bit of a fangirl moment when I meet Anna of ViviannaDoesMakeup, who by the way is even more gorgeous in real life than her videos!
We got to make delish cupcakes and you could have your hair styled into a retro look and even get snappy happy in a photobooth. I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to open a tab, and two glasses of wine later a Burlesque show started!.. no, it was not me don't worry.
Unfortunately I was having too good a time (and was a little bit overwhelmed, me being an event virgin an all) that I didnt manage to take any photos, other than meg in a blonde wig ;) but all in all I had a lovely time thanks to Zoe LondonLipgloss and Ree RockalilyLondon and I can't wait til the next blogger event (where hopefully I'll be more of a familiar face hehe).



Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday WishList

wish list jan

Just a quick post on three necessities for my wardrobe. How ahhhmazing are these Topshop Adonis boots?! I need them in my life, but don't know if I can justify another £90 on some black boots. I have got a lot of wear out of my last investment pair from office that you've seen frequently on this blog (hey, theres proof!) but I have a pair of black biker boots already.. just not ones that remind me ever so much of the Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe. Dare I DIY them?
A couple of months ago I was after 'The perfect white tee', well tbh I dont think I've ever not been on the search for one. However, finally I have found this one from American Apparel and I will definitely be purchasing it soon for the bargain price of £16! Also from AA, of course, its The Disco Pant. What self-respecting youtuber doesnt own a pair?! Oh right, that would be me. I still can't justify the price though and hate to 'jump on the bandwagon' but they just sound so perfect and I havent seen anything else on the market that comes close at a cheaper price..



Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Simply Citrus.

neon yellow
JUMPER:Romwe. SCARF:h&mTrend. CHOKER:h&m. Trousers:h&m. SLIPPERS:Topshop. BAG:ebay

neon yellow 1
So all of my online orders have finally arrived, which means I'll have a haul video up on my youtube channel soon! One of the purchases as you know from a previous post was this yellow jumper from Romwe. As soon as this arrived I already knew how I was going to style it up, and because its such a bold colour I kept the rest of my outfit very minimal.
Yellow/lime is a statement colour for this year so I can see this piece taking me through til summer and as its not too thick it'll go great with some shorts when the weather heats up.

SIDE NOTE: I've hit over 300 subs on here :) Love you guys and your support, Thank you! I remember when I was just rambling on to myself with no followers hehe. Make sure you go follow me on BlogLovin
if you have it, I heard a rumour google may be getting rid of GFC?! So just incase..



Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tartaned up!

SCARF:Topshop. LEATHER-GILET:Primark. PARKA:h&m. TOP:Topshop. JEANS:h&m. ANKLE-BOOTS:h&mTrend. BAG:h&m.

leather twins
tarten accessories
WATCH:asos. RINGS:h&m and vintage. NAILS:BarryM Lemon. EARINGS(above):Miss Selfridge

As you can probably tell I'm trying to get a lil more faffy daffy with my photo skills (or lack of). Now I'm back at uni where the photoshop lives, I thought I should really start making the most of it whilst I still can and its free! You would think after 3 years of being taught how to use Photoshop I might be pretty good at it, evidently not, I still pretty much only know how to copy & paste things and change the colours but this is enough atm to edit the backgrounds like I have done above to remove any distracting objects. Hopefully though messing around with it for my blog will do me a world of good just in time for me to actually not be able to use it anymore, hmm. So don't get too used to it, 4 months time and I'll be back to the same old 'heres me in my garden' photos, sorry.

Other than that, I made a naughty Asos order today.. they enticed me with their extra 10% off the already 70% off Sale, damn them! Thought I'd inform my lovely subbies though just incase you hadn't heard yet, so if you can't resist a shop like me use SALE10 at the checkout.
Now I've just got to sit tight and wait for this American Apparel skirt plus more! And if you didn't know, yes American Apparel now have selected items available on Asos which means if you're a student that's 10% off the usual steep prices with NUS. Disco pants anyone?

Oh, and fyi don't be fooled into buying this BarryM nail polish thinking its a pastel like I did. It's more banana yellow, FAIL.



*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Berry tonal.

WARNING!: Those of you with sensitive eyes, cover them now.. Bleach bottle overload!!!!

berry toned

JUMPER:Primark. SCARF:Gift. TROUSERS:Urban O. BOOTS:Primark. BAG:Asos.

I took this OOTD snap last month but it never made the cut because my hair was still in its 'just bleached' brassy stage and I wanted to cry/vom. However now its no longer like that I feel more acceptable of this post for some reason?! And I suppose if theres evidence on here, one day I can look back and realise never to make this mistake again! Plus it reminds me I must film my 'How-to'(or NOT to) Bleach your hair video, especially useful if you previously had ombre hair.

Anyway, the main reason I've posted this look is because I actually wore the same outfit today but didnt get time to snap it.. so here it is, in past-format. I am loving head-to-toe shade outfits, I can't wait to start experimenting with pastel colours once spring comes around. I'm thinking mint green tapered trousers paired with a mint green shirt, not too kean on green shoes just yet though?!



Sunday, 8 January 2012

If the world was my waredrobe..


study sesh

floral trousers day to night

I love Polyvore! The possibilities are endless.. Sometimes I only plan to log on to put together a quick set of inspiration and find myself creating dream outfits for hours on end. Last night was no exception, these are the three I put together, I need that acidic yellow blazer in my life and I am also on the look out for a cheap pair of burgundy loafers, Aldo had a perfect pair in the Sale but not in my size. Another thing I know is on my list for s/s12 is a pair of tropical floral trousers, here I've shown how they can be styled for both Night and Day. As for the perfumes, LoverDose by Diesel has been on my mind for a while, with blackjack notes its not for everyone but it will definitely be my next purchase. I had forgotten how much I used to adore Gucci Rush when I was younger, I hope it hasn't been discontinued because I may have to rekindle this romance.
For more outfit ideas and info on the looks above check out my polyvore profile.



Saturday, 7 January 2012

Romwe Order.

romwe order jan

Made an order on Romwe last night! This website is fast becoming one of my fav online places to shop! I'd been eyeing up this PU leather sleeve Tee and ahhhmazing jacket since before Christmas and now I can finally get my hands on them, its a two week delivery wait because I think they ship from the States.. but it'll be worth it!

I love my bright pink Zara jumper (from a few posts ago) so I thought I'd try this Romwe lime green knit as its quite similar and the colour is so eye popping.
I almost purchased this Black bag with a faux-fur center panel and side zips, but I had to stop myself going craycray on there.. everythings just so nice! maybe next time..



*I am not affiliated with Romwe.com, I purchased these items with my own money and all opinions are my own as always.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Winter Lookbook

I know I said I would post a photo of my new haircut however I just havent had the time today.. packing my case to head back to Uni tomorrow! You can however see it in all its glory towards the end of this video lookbook on my YT Channel. It even shows you the transition from the bushy mess my hair was in last week to the much more styled cut its in now since yesterday. I can confirm I haven't yet had a childish strop over the lose of hair, I'm actually quite enjoying the weight off my shoulders.

Anyway hope you enjoy the film, head over to my Youtube channel link at the top of the page for more if you do. And hopefully tomorrows post will be the outfit I'm wearing tonight to go for a 'last supper' with the boyf.




Thursday, 5 January 2012

Green with Envy.

in the green


in the green2

in the green3

in the green4

Bye Bye hair..

The Last night of my 'long hair' and what do I do, stick a hat on it! It was mighty cold though and I've got to get used to my long hair-come-scarf not being around to keep my neck warm anymore. Yep, I've gone for the A.Olsen chop from a few posts ago. I could end up regretting it but hey, I've had long hair forever and it'll always grow back. I'll showcase the new locks for you tomorrow but for now here's what I wore out to dinner last night.



Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The future is Neon bright.



neon 2


As most in industry(well) we're all over a/w as soon as the s/s catwalk reports come in! I know aswell as Pastels, flashes of Neon are going to be huge for s/s12 so I'm already trying to incorporate them into my winter outfits because I'm excited about whats next and bored with whats been. Fashion is a strange occupation because we are constantly looking a season if not two ahead whilst the rest of the general public go about buying into 'current' magazines and trends.. which tbh is what makes sense right?

I constantly have this debate with my bf, who for obvious reasons isn't as up-to-the-minute obsessed with whats happening next (I just make him listen to me, poor lad!). We knuckled it down to three categories.. The Fashion leaders, followers and copycats, and then there are those who just couldnt care less. Without the names sounding too offensive 'leaders' refers more to those who try to stay ahead, hunt out new trends, will brave new and sometimes strange looks before most, care about the catwalks, and don't want to look like the majority. It's about a need for new and getting bored easily of whats been done! 'Followers' I would say is more mainstream and what the majority of stylish people come under once the trends have hit the highstreet and become more accepted. They don't take as many risks but then they always look presentable and 'trendy'. Basically, they keep up! 'Copycats' are those who eventually get air of what everyones wearing, and usually its exactly that.. everyone is wearing it and that can become boring for most but these types will only brave to wear something once they know its been socially accepted and thouroughly trialed and tested so they don't end up a laughing stock like those of us that first try head-to-toe leather Fetish..

No Matter what group you fall into (not that I like to generalise) who's to say what's right and wrong and ultimately, if it even matters?! I Love the profession I'm going into, honestly(and quite sadly) nothing makes me happier, but even I often sit back and laugh at how shallow and meaningless it all is..
Sometimes I even wonder if it'd have been more interesting to have followed a different career path, but then, I remember.. I love clothes!
But no on a serious note, I could also argue the whole other side of things, that we all have to wear clothes.. and so people need to design the clothes and bladdy blah blah, but we'd be here all day so I'll save that for another post.



Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Winter White

snow white


snow white 2

snow white 3

This is my first post of the new year, and one of my new years resolutions is to blog more.. so here's to a busy and fashion-filled 2012! Fingers crossed I stick to it.

Just realised there is a whole lot of h&m in this outfit, however thats not too surprising as it is becoming one of my favourite shops atm. I'll still always love Topshop.. and lust after UO and Zara but h&m is more affordable in these penniless times, plus I think what they are offering for the price is bang on. I'm talking more about their 'trend' collection tbh, its amazing and I want it all!

The weather was manic today, so I shielded my hair from the wind with a beanie and kept out the cold with this thick mohair jacket.. could have done with it being waterproof though, did you see the wind/rain? It almost carried me off, I'm only little!