Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Trend Tuesday #5 'Office chic'

ann sofie finished

*all items found using stylecompare

Not the cheapest highstreet outfit but its the accessories that bump the price up here. Asos do a great metallic pink satchel very similiar to the Cambridge shown here and for a quarter of the price!
I also would have chosen to use the River Island pointed black courts instore atm for £40 (#onefortheWishList) but they have sold out online so instead these Kurt Geiger's have been used purely because they are yummy and very office chic appropriate.

This ALC Tee is £50 reduced, and yeah you're probably thinking thats a lot for a basic T-shirt, however.. I have a similiar style from Forever 21 I bought for a nifty £3.75 (huge price jump right?!) BUT, after many-a-wash it has strunk and looks cheap therefore I am going to invest in a 'plain white tee' because it's worth its value times wear.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Feeling Grey...

Not the usual 'Tuesday Trends' today guys, but still a style to follow I'd say. I have really taken to the whole monochrome looks of head to toe colour, and grey I predict will become my new black! Not only because its chic but also due to it suiting my mood atm. bleugh

I am still uhming & ahhing over purchasing the Topshop Jamie Jeans in grey- think thats one for the wishlist

feeling grey nov 2011

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Monday, 21 November 2011

BLOG SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right guys, desperate times call for desperate measures! These past few months have flown by and I am rapidly approaching a uni deadline and its suddenly dawned on me "Victoria.. you are skint. You have NO MONEY for materials!"
So I have no choice but to sell the only things I hold of value.. my beloved clothes!

It pains me to say goodbye *wipes tear*, but I have to bare in mind, they are only material possesions, my degree is what's important, and hopefully they'll go to a good new home ;)

p.s If you're wondering why most things here are oversized for me, its because I like to believe(in my head) that I'm MK & Ashley Olsen and that whole 'frumpy granny' look works o_o

DSCF4844 1
Camel, double-breasted button woolen Coat Size UK 12-14.


(+ £4 P&P(UK) £8(OVERSEAS))

Beige, swing-Coat with shoulder pads(can be removed) Size UK 10.


DSCF4451 1
Vintage Gold, Leather skirt Size UK 8.


(+ £2.50 P&P(UK) £5(OVERSEAS))

Vintage Brown, Leather high-waisted skirt with bucket pockets Size UK 10.


Vintage cream and Pastel floral Jumper Size UK 12.


Vintage Metallic gold lace-up sandals Size UK 4.


(+ £3 P&P(UK) £6(OVERSEAS)

Vintage Black leather ankle boot Size UK 4.


(+ £3 P&P(UK) £6(OVERSEAS))

Brown Brogue with gold buckle detail Size UK 5.


(+ £3 P&P(UK) £6(OVERSEAS))

Handmade, studded friendship Bracelet. One Size fits all.

£2.50 Each (choose colour)

(+ 50p P&P(UK) £1(OVERSEAS))

If you would like any further info on the items above for sale, feel free to email me with your questions. I will be selling on a first come(email) first serve basis and any items not paid for within 24hours will be offered/second chanced to the next person requesting. If you buy more than one item I can combine postage costs.

1. Send me an email with your name, address and email address you have registered with your Paypal account at with the name of the item/s you would like to purchase in the title box
2. Wait for me to email the invoice
3. Make the payment within 24 hours of receiving invoice
4. Item will be shipped within 3 days

1. Items sent anywhere other than the UK may take a little longer to arrive
2. Please be aware that you may be charged and are responsible for custom charges if you live overseas
3. All prices are in British pounds (GBP)
4. Please use a currency converter before asking me how much it will cost
5. I only accept PayPal
6. If not paid within 24 hours I will cancel the invoice
7. All sales are final No Returns

This is the more Vintage side of my wardrobe, I will sell Highstreet clothes and accessories in a future post so stay tuned..


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


8th nov


DSCF4831 1

COAT:miss selfridge. TOP:topshop. FAUX-LEATHER TROUSERS:topshop. BOOTS:office. BAG:ebay. CHOKER:topshop. GLOVES:TkMaxx.

I had a lot to do today so I threw my hair up and went for a simple look because they're always the easiest to pull together and still look stylish. My faux-leather trousers are a staple in my wardrobe for this a/w, I have literally lived in them and I bought them last year, the best Sale £15 I've ever spent!

The stand-out Miss Selfridge coat was also only £15 because I nabbed it in a charity shop a few months ago (tags still attached!). Proof its not all 'grannys remains' to be found. Also next time you're in Topshop check out these basic but brilliant £16 tops.. so comfortable, versatile and warm for winter yet still layerable. Just what I was looking for, I may have to go back and get the grey/black too.


Trend Tuesday #4 Sporty spice

alexander wang ss12

(All items found via besides the ebay boots and catwalk images)

Right, I am not intially sure I even like my own work here :| I love the ss12 Wang collection but its a toughy to translate through the highstreet. Especially the first combo because as we all know, theres a fine line between chic and eek!..when it comes to all-white. And tbh these dupe JC Clinic boots do not help, however if they had been the real pair, as always it would be another story. I'm a true believer that you can still look stylish purely wearing highstreet, but there are some things that should just be left for those with the cash to afford the originals!

So this is the best I could come up with if you're looking to try out the wang look for less. No, unfortunately they are not identical, however this is about being inspired by the trends, not mimicing them. So I hope it helps!


Monday, 7 November 2011

Everyone's wearing hats?

nov 7


COAT:charity shop. HAT:h&m. SHIRT:h&m(mens). JEGGINGS:TkMaxx. HEELS:newlook. BAG:topshop.



It feels like I haven't blogged in foreverrr.. kind of because I haven't, then again I've never been a frequent blogger anyway! I wish I had more time to home in on my blog, I've been craving it so much recently but general life just gets in the way, and as much as you could say "I wear clothes everyday, so take a photo of it" its never really as simple as that is it?! I never realised how much the right lighting/background would end up bothering me. However, I've had to come to terms with the fact, its winter now, and even if you find a nice backdrop.. it'll probs end up raining. So, this boring white background is probably going to become a regular during these colder months. On the plus side it could possibly result in more OOTD's because I can take a quick snap before I shiver to class in the morning.

The backdrop isn't the only thing new around here, notice my new banner? Its a little less bold than my previous one, but I like its subtleness for a/w, in my fav colour wine and the swallows inspired by my tat.
Also, check my new do, I'm back to blonde. It's not yet at the icey/silver tone I'm after, but it's better than the orange it was a couple of days ago :| vom.