Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Outfit | London Fashion Week Day Two

I regret I wasn't able to get my LFW outfit from day one shot however it's over on my instagram 'here' if you'd like to take a peek! Today I'm bringing you my Utility inspired look from day two. Military this season isn't about the obvious, it's nodding to uniform in my favourite kind of way clean and effortless, no heavy duty armour necessary!

Bomber Jacket // H&M Trend
Shirt // Zara
Dungarees // Missguided
Sunglasses // Asos
Hair cuff // H&M
Watch // Daniel Wellington*
Cuff // Mango
Heels // New Look
Bag // Mulberry
Lip // Mac Chilli

Ph. Ella H Photography

Dungarees have reared their child-fit head again and I've been on the hunt for a pair that don't make me look 23 going on 12, a scenario I struggle with on a daily basis being 'blessed' with a baby-face! I figured going more tailored with a structured fabric and in classic black would give me more sophistication and here's hoping, maturity? But I do love the laid-back vibe a denim dungaree gives. If you're in a similar predicament I've rounded up the best in Overalls 'here'.

Peached fabrics are another thing I'm loving this season, they give a softer luxe finish to some of the more autumnal colours we're still seeing for Spring. I originally got this khaki shirt last year from Zara after being drawn to the 'touch me' texture and I'm already seeing a wide range hitting the highstreet in dreamy Spring shades - shop Missguided below:

P.S // You can get 15% off a Daniel Wellington Watch with code 'afluenza' until the 13th March!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday Must Have | Dungarees

photo credits: Pinterest

Nope I'm not ready to embark on a spot of redecorating, I'm taking my overalls street-side and my inner child couldn't be happier about it! Whether for work or play I've rounded up my top 10 Dungarees below and if these outfits are anything to go by simply add a simple white tee and you're stylish in an instance..

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Outfit | Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.. really does ring true for this outfit.

- Old yet classic navy Jeager coat, proving that quality really does see me through every winter
- New Zara side split jumper I've practically been living in as it goes with so much and is super soft!
- Second-hand may as well be 'borrowed' and in this case these vintage Levi highwaisted 501 jeans were once someone's 'Mom's.
- There are a range of blue's in this outfit, a popular trend among many recently and a key colour this season.. so pile them high, the skies the limit!

Coat // Jeager
Biker Jacket // Primark
Knitwear // Zara
Jeans // Levi
Trainers // Puma
Sunglasses // Rayban
Watch // Daniel Wellington*
Necklace // Mango
Ring // Great Frog London

*Get 15% off Daniel Wellington Watches with code 'afluenza' until mid March!

Friday, 27 February 2015

5 Fashion Faux Pas even Madonna wouldn't fall for

// Head to toe looks \\

As chic as the mannequin may look, style should enhance on your personality so unless you want to model yourself on a plastic doll, best to leave it in the window!

// Copy Cat \\

We all have that someone who's individual style we admire, and where there is nothing wrong with being inspired by it there is when mimicking! What suits them may not suit you, have confidence in your taste and take elements of an outfit to apply to your own measurements to ensure it's unique to you. I have no admiration to live in a world resembling The Island! Be yourself, keep it personal!

* exception applies when 'twinning' with BFF (Best fashion friend)

// Lamb dressed as Mutton \\

Equally as awkward as 'Mutton dressed as Lamb' - "Granny Chic" is just a term turned cool by students who spent their weekend rummaging through the Oxfam bins after spending all their loan on £1.50 Jagerbombs! Vintage Chanel hand-me-downs from your Nan is one thing, someone else's nans' M&S isn't.

// Baby Giraffe Syndrome \\

There's no denying the right heels have many advantages such as adding height to us shorties, elongating the body and improving poor posture. But there's nothing sexy about a girl trotting down the highstreet knee over foot in heels too high. Most of us learnt to walk at a young age, why quit now?

// Second skin \\

Skin colour tights.. specially when worn with open toe shoes, No! If you want to show skin then bare it.. if it's too cold wear trousers! Nobody wants to be subjected to someones' toes as they undergo a masked robbery on their shoes.

N.B If for some mad reason any of these become future trends then of course, I take it all back!